Sapir-Whorf hypothesis confirmed!

Lojban Language Takes it All

You might have heard remarks like, "If Einstein had spoken another language, his theory of relativity would have been different."

Some people have started using the constructed language Lojban to free themselves from words and concepts created in previous epochs.

Have they been able to shatter the walls of historical languages?

It seems so, thanks to recent scientific research.

Researchers from the University of Laguna Verde analyzed logs of English chats, Lojban chats, and chats in a few other languages. They used a sophisticated algorithm to compare how and in what context words are used together by turning them into mathematical vectors.

If all languages gravitate towards words with the same meanings across the globe, it would mean that language does not affect thought.

However, the findings from the Lojban community show the opposite.

Not only do words not gravitate towards common centers for all languages, but Lojban chats also show exponential deviation over time from the centers of meanings in other languages.

Lojbanists are really out of this world!

This is what they themselves are saying:

"Unlimited by the lexicon of our mother tongues, we invent and use words we need. We move to a truly creative expression of our feelings and our reasoning."

So, can we peek into the world of the language allegedly free from social restraints? Can we understand what they are discussing in their chats?

The answer is both yes and no.

Since words in this flexible language tend to deviate over time more and more from languages of this world, it's getting harder to find approximate translations of those words.

Nevertheless, starting from today, the new Twitter account @Lojban_is_crazy will be posting new and previously unpublished Lojban words with their rough translations into English.

Here are some examples:

  • zdebuzeku - a toxic breakfast
  • lebmeteno - a careful maneuver
  • dreguri - a structure over which navigational songs can be heard miles ahead
  • irvinagi - soothsaying as the treatment of insincerity
  • emdoki - a dive for weed
  • vibdaito - a game with paper and jewelry
  • avnifiku - a wildflower in a buttonhole
  • orvanu - evanescent windborne smell
  • gonruve - a contestant who ends in an oven due to paranoia
  • uknura - a boat on one's back
  • pronokabu - a shade of flying birds
  • erlegina - a craftsman's shell found by bees
  • irtire - a community that is crazy at your corpse
  • zveizefi - a feeling of being visited
  • zibgora - a text printed on a cookie
  • gilkaume - a ceremonial pouch
  • lulrima - verbal clothes
  • unrugivo - a flap of a small envelope
  • dergale - a frivolous inhabitant
  • troidiki - a horse that protects women
  • afturu - a fine candy with pictures under a sexy lid
  • kinzemo - a programming tunic
  • skiroge - a road made by trampling
  • obzevi - a word performed on one's sister
  • momnoiso - a violent consequence of sleeping
  • erneta - a building that absorbs people
  • pruvuge - a long skirt used during the examination of food
  • zemvaido - a reply in the air
  • spatazo - a semitransparent vertebrate
  • dafpeka - a small victory-shaped part of fruits
  • tonraibipe - an intrusive sound of a ticket being torn
  • zboimuvu - a quickly worn garment currently in the state of not being worn
  • afpapo - a personal portable telescope

Well, that's enough for now. The Twitter account @Lojban_is_crazy promises to post only a few words a day. Let's follow it.