Lojban language documentation


Here is copyright-free unofficial libre documentation on Lojban language. Lojban was created in 1987 and is now supported by its speakers.

Send any suggestions to gleki.is.my.name@gmail.com or just add issues at Lojban source repository.

Lojban and related stuff is discussed in Lojban chats in Discord messenger.


‘Learn Lojban’ course

A course teaching Lojban from its formal foundations but in simple words and lots of usage examples.

  • PDF - in a PDF file for download

Unofficial ‘Complete Lojban Language’ book, May 2021 edition

Adheres to the original book published in 1997 and:

  • fixes mistypes
  • fixes contradictions
  • adds other new stuff not violating previous stuff


More info...

la sutysisku - a slick unofficial dictionary


The license of the 'Complete Lojban Language' book (a rather permissive one) is specified in the book itself.

Public Domain Mark
This work (Lojban made easy, by Gleki Arxokuna), identified by Gleki Arxokuna, is free of known copyright restrictions.